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we offer dietary supplements made with organic essential oils & superfoods enriched with adaptogenic plants and mushrooms.

"kinsei" evokes balance, harmony, uniformity in Japanese. From these words, Chloé, doctor in pharmacy, elaborated natural dietary supplements and adaptogenic superfoods.

With a variety of essential oil blends, honey, herbal teas, cocoa & matcha enriched with plants and mushrooms, the kinsei shop creates uniques solutions to foster overall well-being - both on a mental and physical level.

Each adaptogenic solution is build around 4 pillars: immunity, relaxation, digestion and detox to answer most essential needs on a daily basis.

Inspired by Chinese traditional medicine, kampō and Ayurvedic medicine, the kinsei shop advocates a minimalist and sustainable approach based on adaptogenic nutrition.


The kinsei shop is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease. However, all of our formulas aim at soothing the body and mind naturally.

Beyond dietary supplements, adaptogenic superfoods combine gustative pleasure and health benefits, to fit into a daily routine or to be consumed more occasionally.


All products are meticulously made in France, in the Monts du Lyonnais in order to ensure the exceptional purity of formulas.


All blends are alcool free, made with no sugar added or sweetener, no preservatives, colourings or artificial flavors. They are only composed of organic active ingredients selected for  their quality and origin.


In sum, the kinsei shop modernizes ancient remedies in order to adapt them to today's reality and modern lifestyle.

meet our founder

After graduating from medical school in 2019, Chloé started her career as a pharmacist in Lyon before moving to Toronto for 2 years working in a global healthcare company.

With her valuable experience in the pharmaceutical industry and strong knowledge in plant science, Chloé created kinsei in December 2020. 

Since then, she is dedicated to make the company grow in accordance with her values and principles. 

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