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100% organic mushrooms
reishi + chaga + cordyceps sinensis + lion's mane + shiitake

"A blend made with 100% adaptogenic mushrooms. In the morning, we add ½ teaspoon in our drink of choice to get all the health benefits. Among them, relaxing effects, a better focus, an improved sleep, a great boost for digestion but also an enhanced immune system function. What could be better ?"

fond beige kinsei

100% health benefits:


anti-infection & anti-allergy propreties

antiviral & anti-bacterial propreties

anti-inflammatory & antioxydant

help with cancer prevention

fight against fatigue

help with ORL disorder

regulate the immune system

beauty & detox

protect skin & cells vs. oxidative stress

regulate blood sugar levels

reduce fat accumulation

healthy & peaceful aging

water elimination

liver detoxification

help with weight loss & balance

sleep & relaxation

calming & relaxing effects

fight against light depression

help fight against insomnias

neurological recuperation

facilitate sleepiness

fight against fatigue

reduce stress, anxiety & tension


reduce heartburn

reduce digestive disorders

regulate the digestive system

light laxative effect

antibacterial propreties

digestive tonic

reduce stomach acidity

"The mushrooms blend has become an essential component of my daily routine. Coffee + 1/2 tsp of mushrooms to stay focused all day. High quality mushrooms with many health benefits. And the taste is neutral, which does not alter the taste of coffee 🍄👌❤️."


"I love this blend in my morning coffee, it has become my new ritual"


"Perfect, I use it every morning with my coffee, it's delicious 😋"


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