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GALA, January 12th 2023.
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ELLE, January 5th 2023.
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ELLE, December 22nd 2022.
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"Un supermix fabriqué à 100% avec des champignons adaptogènes. Le matin, on en glisse ½ cuillère à café dans sa boisson de prédilection pour profiter de ses nombreux bénéfices. Parmi eux ? Des effets relaxants, une meilleure concentration, un meilleur sommeil, un coup de boost pour la digestion mais aussi une amélioration du système immunitaire. Qui dit mieux ?"

CITIZEN K, Autumn 2022.
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MARIANNE MAGAZINE, September 2022.
MARIE FRANCE, February - March 2022.

Find your balance ! 


Established in 2021 in Paris, the young Parisian brand kinsei offers online sale of dietary supplements made with essential oils and superfoods enriched with adaptogen plants and mushrooms, made in France in an artisanal way. "All of our products are organic, alcohol-free, without coloring, very concentrated in active ingredients, combining taste and health benefits. They aim reducing anxiety, ease sleep and digestion, aim at pacifying mind and body" says Chloé, doctor in pharmacy. Each product is composed of 5 active ingredients available in four collections: stress, immunity, digestion and detox. You can chose between four types of honey made in France, organic matcha from Japan, organic fair-trade cocoa, herbal teas and essences. An excellent quality/price ratio. We fall in love with the sober and elegant packaging. An expert customer service, personalized advice, short delivery times.

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